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Welcome to Staples Electric!

      Staples Electric takes pride in working for clients and has continually strived to maintain the highest degree of not only customer satisfaction, but also one of the highest professional integrity. Check out our latest Press Release Angie's List: 2007- 2021 Super Service Award winner here! We are also listed on Consumer Checkbook: "100% client approval!" Remember the old adage: history has a tendency to repeat itself!
     Our primary goal is to make sure the project is done right from a-z. We offer a competitive price for top quality workmanship. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded electrical contractor geared up for residential and light commercial projects. We take on small and large projects, so don't hesitate to call us for your small projects and service. Thanks!

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Super Service Awards received 2007-2021

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Connect Your Home !

     Wiring a Home for Technology is no Longer a Luxury, it is a Necessity! Staples Electric LLC can install a system that manages and distributes voice, data, audio and video signals throughout your home. Imagine watching your new born in real time from work!

Energy Protection and Management Solutions!

     From power quality to line protection, Staples Electric LLC can install equipment to ensure power quality and surge protectors to protect you against voltage transients and surges that can damage, degrade, or destroy critical equipment.



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