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1. Some of my outlets are not working in my kitchen, bathroom or exterior receptacles. Most of the time there's an associtate GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) that trips upon a ground fault or load imbalance. We get a ton of calls on these and drive endless miles just to push a reset button on a GFI outlet. I would suggest looking for these outlets when a circuit has problems first. Bathroom GFCI's are typically located in a first floor bathroom or near the electrical panel in some older homes. We will be happy to find these device for you and make sure there are working 100% too, but we have a minimum labor charge.

2. We install ceiling fans on ceiling fan rated boxes only. If you would like a ceiling fan installed and there's not a fan rated box installed, we must install an appropriate box. We also find a lot of exterior wall sconces installed with drywall screws to the vinyl siding; we must install the appropriate box and follow the NEC (national electrical code).

3. We will repair any drywall that we access to install a line, box, etc.

4. Main Panel and other old equipment: Any breakers/panels with manufacturer names such as Federal Pacific (FPE), Sylvania, Push-A-Matic or screw in fuse type panels should change these panels without question. The biggest problem is age of panels and breakers loose characteristic tolerances. For example; instead of a breaker tripping at it's rated 15 amps, it trips at 25-30 amps; well over the safe rating and operation levels for the existing circuits. Over-currents are firehazards!


       Federal Pacific Panel

    Characteristic orange labeled breakers. These breakers make poor connections with the bus bar and are known to fail at at higher rate than most other breakers.



              Push-A-Matic Panel

     Notice the rusted areas around screw terminals. Rust prohibits flow of electricity and creates poor connections and hazards.







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