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Project Expectations:
     The following should serve as a guide to how project operations of Staples Electric are handled.  We have an open door policy on any matter.  Always feel free to communicate any concerns, questions, facts, notions, etc, to us.  Our intentions are to make every project and client we deal with 100% satisfied.   
     Craig Staples is the Owner and Master Electrician of Staples Electric LLC.  Craig's main concerns for any project is quality and customer service.  Any and all business operations will filter through Craig.  We do have a team of electricians (whom are employed by Staples Electric) that take care of the installations.  The team is covered by the master license in accordance to Va DPOR (Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation).   Craig is onsite to review initial project details, to setup the crew for installations and is accessible if there's any complications on the projects.  Upon request, Craig maybe present for the duration of the project.   99% of the projects are routine and the team is doing the same type of installations daily.  On rare occasions a project may become difficult due to old construction, finding old wiring that's a hazard, a new high tech device, etc.  Please allow us suitable time to rearrange our timetables so that we can provide the highest level of service that may be applied. 
       If there are any reasons why you are not satisfied with our team or unsure of what to expect, please tell us so.  The Staples Electric team should emulate the highest degree of professionalism at all times.  Craig sets the highest quality standard for the team and expects every detail of a project to be fulfilled to the standard.   Your feedback to us helps us monitor our level of customer service and we appreciate any and all feedback.  

1.  Communications:  We communicate through phone, email or text messaging.  We try to reply to communications as quick as possible, but for non-emergencies please allow up to 1 business day (weekends are not business days for us, so please do not count them).

2. Estimate (project costs: labor and material):  Unless the work is service related, your project should include a cost estimate and clearly indicates the work to be completed and associated prices.  If you are unsure of any item listed or costing do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Project startup:  We'll setup a start time for your project, review the project with the team and depending on the work, we will cover associated work areas with plastic and begin the installation.  If there's anything you need from us please ask. We also ask that you communicate any special instructions that need to be taken in consideration; for example animals, etc.  

4. Project lifespan and completion:  We will give an approximate time window that the project will take.  However, quality is more important than anything else and if we find that a project needs a little more effort, we will communicate those issues with the client and setup associated expectations.  





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