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Why use a licensed contractor or trades person?

Does it seem right to have the guy that can fix your roof also rewire your house? We see so many companies overlap into different trades that are just not licensed and more importantly qualified to do so. Electrical installation of any kind is not a hobby project. If things go wrong it's a major problem; one can damage equipment, hurt others by creating shock hazards or even worse a fire hazard. Checkout the photos below that are from recent service calls:

burned plug

Loose connections caused this outlet to overheat and melt...

Plug from the overheated outlet. 1 prong is still in the outlet, shown in the recent pic.

Another picture of an overheated outlet from loose connections.

Coverplate from melted outlet.


1. We follow the NEC (National Electrical Code ) and IRC (International Residential Code ) for all installations, without restriction. It does not matter if it's a new flat screen TV to mount or an updated outlet in your kitchen, all installations are guided by these publications.


2. Check out your contractor! Verify your contractor is licensed. Virginia has specific laws governing who does what ... DPOR ( ) So if the handyman is offering to install recessed lighting make sure he's a licensed electrician or he has a licensed electrician on his staff, do not just accept the "Yep we have an electrician", ask for a license that has the trade listed or verify through DPOR site. If the neighbor's brother has a startup business installing plasma TVs, make sure he's using a licensed electrician to install or move any electrical outlets. And NO extension cords are not allowed to be run through walls nor are TV or other appliance cords.


3. I get asked the question, "Do you think i can install a light or replace a breaker?". My response is always, if you have to ask, then no. If you are not properly trained do not attempt to install anything. Again, electrical installations are not hobby projects.


4. Why home repair shows are not always a great thing. I always get the call, "Craig, we were watching the latest home show and it looked easy on TV, so my husband tried to replace the light" or "we were watching a home repair show and tried to install an additional outlet and now half of the house is not working, HELP!". Again, if you're not properly trained in doing a repair or addition do not attempt it. Most of the time the repairs are more costly than the original work would be, so we are trained to take care of any electrical addition or issue you may have.


5. Have any electrical related work also checked by a licensed electrician. New AC unit, have an electrcian verify the existing wire is correct. And again, the AC company is NOT suppose to run wire or hook up to an electrical box unless they have a licensed electrician on staff. Again, check DPOR for proper licensing...







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