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1. What's in a deal: We see a lot of project deals offered to clients from other electrical contractors and Angie's List "BIG DEAL". We offer "deals" too, but Compare material and options, most deals are inexpensive for a reason and clients are soon unhappy with their project.

2. FYI's: Smoke Detectors and surge protectors need to be replaced every 9-10 years per NFPA standards.

3. Call us to install a whole house surge protector. A residence can never be 100% protected, but we can always reduce the probability of a surge causing harm.

4. Main electrical panel 30+ yrs old? Signs of rust on the cover or breakers? The panel should be replaced. Breakers are mechanical devices. Imagine a door hinges. One with rust, the other in perfect condition. Which works better? Would you drive on a 30 yr old tire? Maybe ;) ... is it safe? No... Breakers are not sealed air-tight or water-tight. A breaker is our only line of defense between a serious electrical hazard (ie fire) and safe operation.

5. New EPA rules! Contact us for details, we are a certified contractor.




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