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Service and Consultation Rates: Please note that projects are not subject to these rates. Projects are typically not charged on an hourly basis; service and consulatation rates are charged on hourly rates.

Service Charges: Service charges begin once we arrive on site and end upon departure. Settling payment is also considered part of normal service and is figured into the charge.

1st Hour Minimum Labor Rate: $155.00/hour/person.

2nd hr +: $155.00/hour/person.

Weekend and overtime rate: $195.00 USD (per person) (no discounts or deals given)

Regular Work Week: Mon - Friday 8am - 5:00pm

We pay our employees on an 8am-5pm work day.  Please keep this in consideration when we are trying to setup appointments.

We do have a minimum labor charge of 1 hr on all service calls.

Special material pickups are billed as time on the job.

Post installation support: defective device, we charge 1/2 of our standard rates up to the first 30 days. After we charge full rates: we just cannot be held responsible for manufacturers defective merchandise.

Payments: All payments are due upon completion of work or at the discretion of Staples Electric LLC and accepted in form of cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa). Payment is expected at the end of our visit. If payment is not completed under these terms additional fees may apply and any and all discounts removed. We appreciate your cooperation.

Credit Cards are accepted, but not with discounted rates.

Service Fee Agreement: the following form needs to be submitted to agree to our service rates and payment terms.

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I agree to the labor rates and payment terms listed above.
I understand rates listed are charged per person and aware of weekend and overtime charges.
I understand there is a 1 hour minimum labor charge per service call.
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