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1. Verizoin FIOS and other cable TV vendors:  We get a ton of calls from clients asking to have a new ground rod installed for their Fios and/or other cable providers.  While a new ground rod can be installed, it still needs to be bonded to the electrical system's ground.  A voltage may be present if the system is not bonded together and if so you may also be looking for a new plasma tv...

2. Extension cord usage: Extension cords are for temporary use only! We commonly see households that have 2-3 extension cord strung together to run various items ranging from heaters to refrigerators. If you need to use a cord make sure the cable is suitable to handle the item being used. And... I would highly recommend using at least a 12 gauge cable. If there's something wrong with the item being used and it shorts out the cable may burn/melt before the breaker is tripped and cause a safety or fire hazard.  Bottom line, if you don't have power to a location or if there's a problem with an outlet, call us to remedy the situation; you're better off in the long run.

3. Outlet or light not working? If there's an outlet or light not working there could be a big problem brewing.  Most people assume if an item is not working it poses no harm and it's safe to check it out at a later, more convienent time. The truth is these issues are brewing to be bigger ones and can cause other safety and fire hazards.  If you notice any problem what so ever give us a call to check out; better safe than sorry.














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